al-Mu'awwidhatayn (Refuge)

In Islamic tradition it is said the 2 final sura of the Holy Qu’ran – known as the Mu’awwidhatayn - have healing properties. The individual in Falaq beckons towards the blinding light, perhaps seeking refuge in something beyond the confines of this world – beyond human comprehension. The ghostly figure to the left is the impression face, hands and knees would make if veiwed from below. On one’s knees, this is Sujud, one of the postures in salat, prayer. The hands create. The head reasons and makes choices. The chest wherein resides the purified hear lies between. The background geometric pattern is found commonly in Islamic design, and the color green is associated with Islam.

al-Mu'awwidhatayn: al-Falaq (Refuge: The Dawn) - 24"x 48" oil on birch panel

Companion painting to "The Dawn", "Humankind" Named for the last sura – it is a plea seeking refuge from the mischeif of the “whisperers of evil ” who “whisper into the heart of humankind”. The figure faces away from the light. It is ambiguous whether turning to confront humanities’ tempations and excesses – or averting his gaze from the light. He gestures towards the lower half of the figure in Sujud - the legs and feet – between which would lie the genitals and parts of the anatomy that evacuate waste. Pleasure, consumption and waste. We can choose to walk towards he illuminated path, or away from it.

al-Mu'awwidhatayn: an-Nas (Refuge: The People) 24" x 48" oil on birch panel